Claudia Rapp
Entrepreneur with passion

Passionate, full of flavour, long-lasting – just like a real kiss. VINELLA is the lucullian kiss that touches all your senses and lets your taste buds shiver with delight. Pure enjoyment for connoisseurs! We feel this already whilst creating our VINELLA specialities which we produce with great joy. The result of our workmanship presents itself as aromatic variations of chutneys, salsas, spreads, mustards and fine jams. Home produced, we only use local fruits and vegetables, some of which we harvest ourselves. This is why our VINELLA products have a unique and distinctive taste.

Natural and healthy
Only the best ingredients are used, complemented by a blend of herbs and spices – guaranteed without preservatives.
Perfect side dish
tastes excellent with different cheeses as well as grilled, roast or cold meats. Enjoy it every day either for breakfast, lunch or supper.
Our products can be ordered as a precious gift edition that can be completely branded with your company labels and logo (from 50 to 1000 units).
Gastronomy service
We can also provide limited editions to complement your seasonal menus. An interesting and individual addition to your culinary creations.

VINELLA is fun because we take your taste seriously

Im Rosengarten 6
55583 Bad Münster am Stein-Ebernburg

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